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Want to find all 40 Sleeper Nodes on Mars? Here's where to look for each hint to grab the best chests in the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC.

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The best chests to unlock in the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC are Sleeper Nodes — you know, those weird black diamond things that require “Frequency Override” items to unlock? Yeah, those are pretty awesome and full of legendary gear if you can find them. There’s just a few problems with all that; 1) chests are unlocked randomly, and 2) some chests are very well hidden.

Yeah, it’s really confusing. To unlock a Sleeper Node chest, you need a Frequency Override key, and each Frequency Override key you create randomly selects one of the Sleeper Nodes to unlock. Check the Override yourself in your inventory to get a small hint to the location. It’s pretty annoying to spend time unlocking Frequency Overrides only to find your key is useless because you have no idea where to look for the actual chest.

Below, we’ve got all the hints and Sleeper Node locations listed to make your search easier. Mysteriously, you can even unlock up to five Ana Bray diaries — but only through Sleeper Nodes. You’ll also need to unlock them to earn the Sleeper Simulant Exotic. So there’s a few reasons to grab as many of these things as you can.

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Sleeper Node Locations & Hint Solutions Guide

There are 40 Sleeper Nodes (or “Frequency Override” chests) hidden on Mars. To access these chests, you need to obtain Frequency Override keys, where are created after collecting four Resonance Stems. Learn more in our “How To Get Override Frequencies” guide, linked above.

Olympus Descent

  • Node #1:Descent.Cave.Runes – Start from the very end of the cliffs, near where you start from the first DLC story mission. Enter the first cave, and go up the left to the left of the ice pillar. All the way around, you’ll find this node.
  • Node #2:Descent.Chasm.Ledge – Before reaching the room with the warsat, look down into the chasm for a ledge with this spinning node.
  • Node #3:Descent.Cavern.Warsat – In the final room, connected to the Glacial Drift entrance path, there’s a warsat on the edge. Drop down from this edge to find a secret area below with this node.

Glacial Drift

  • Node #4: Drift.Flammable.Storage – Starting at the western side of the bridge, go back behind the giant doors toward a small facility built into the rocks with discarded vats. The node is right inside this small storage room.
  • Node #5: Drift.Checkpoint.Elevator – Back at the western side of the bridge, enter the checkpoint building near the giant closed doors. Inside, look in the small elevator lobby.
  • Node #6: Drift.Transit.Freight – In the middle of the bridge, look inside a cargo container on the back of a truck trailer bed. The container is open on the side with this node exposed.
  • Node #7: Drift.Transit.Foundation – Located underneath the foundation of the giant bridge, near the east edge.
  • Node #8: Drift.Gatehouse.Catwalk – Jump up to the catwalk to the left, inside the large hangar on the east side of the bridge. This is the same catwalk with the region chest.
  • Node #9: Drift.Service.Backend – Enter the tunnel that leads to the Futurescape area. Just as you enter, turn right to see a ladder — at the top, you’ll find a small area with this node.
  • Node #10: Drift.Subterrane.Cliffside – Right outside the Lost Sector entrance, in the southeast corner of the map.
  • Node #11: Drift.Subterrane.Chasm – Inside the Lost Sector itself, look in the back-right corner of the first chamber. You can’t miss it.

Braytech Futurescape

  • Node #12: Futurescape.Transit.Service – Taking the tunnel / ramp up to the Futurescape proper, look on the right wall (as you enter from the Glacial Drift) for a small alcove with this node.
  • Node #13: Futurescape.Dock.Outpost – The “Dock” is the station to the right as you enter Futurescape from Glacial Drift. Look in the tall blue building’s exterior corner, ground floor
  • Node #14: Futurescape.Dock.Garage – North of the tall building at the dock, there’s an alley (just south of the Cabal Public Event zone) with this node.
  • Node #15: Futurescape.Dock.Silo – Continue toward the silos further north of the Cabal PE area. Look on the catwalk behind the blue center silo.
  • Node #16: Futurescape.Plaza.Console – Enter the infested building on the west side of the map. Near where the Region Chest spawns (down the stairs from the Lost Sector entrance) you’ll find this node.
  • Node #17: Futurescape.Plaza.Infestation – Right next to the Lost Sector entrance. It’s in the corner wall, near the bright computer terminals and machinery opposite the door.
  • Node #18: Futurescape.Terminus.Console – Inside the Lost Sector, look on the right wall alcove in the chamber before the last room where the boss spawns.
  • Node #19: Futurescape.Reception.Overlook – Enter the large interior room where Ana Bray is located. It’s on the walkway to the left, directly above the entrance doors.
  • Node #20: Futurescape.Ridgeline.Waterfall – Take the cliff path leading to Dynamo Approach. The node is to the right, before you reach the cavern.

Aurora Reach

  • Node #21: Aurora.Mindlab.Observation – Right at the start, past the room with the Rasputin fountain statue, look in the right corner for a vent cover that’s been removed. Drop down to find this tricky node.
  • Node #22: Aurora.Mindlab.Supplies – Found behind a pile of cargo in the first combat area. When you reach the exterior deck platforms, go to the back-left.

Mindlab: Rasputin

  • Node #23: Mindlab.Conveyor.Junction – In the very first room of the Mindlab. Drop down and you should easily spot this on the bright wall to the left of the door leading forward.
  • Node #24: Mindlab.Conveyor.Bridge – Out on the ramp lift, look under the bridge before you reach the maintenance elevator tunnel.
  • Node #25: Mindlab.Elevator.Right – In the same ramp lift chamber, go to the right side. There’s a small set of stairs that leads down to a landing with this node.
  • Node #26: Mindlab.Elevator.Service – Go through the service corridor behind the inactive ramp lift, and you’ll reach a platform underneath the main bridge. Before going up the pipes, turn left. There’s a passage that leads to this node.
  • Node #27: Mindlab.Overhang.Node – Return to the area where you first acquired the Valkyrie relic weapon in the second DLC story mission. To the right of this platform, before going inside, there’s a node on the balcony.

Dynamo Approach

  • Node #28: Dynamo.Approach.Tree – Entering the Approach from the Glacial Drift, look to the right of an old dead windswept tree.
  • Node #29: Dynamo.Approach.Arch – [Only appears after accepting Ana Bray’s pursuit quest.] Super easy to spot. This one is in the center of the area, on the exterior of the rock arch.
  • Node #30: Dynamo.Approach.Cavern – Right as you enter the cave leading into the Alton Dynamo, turn left and look for a ledge. Jump on top of the ice to reach a very high node.

Alton Dynamo

  • Node #31: Dynamo.Deck.Dampender – In the very first combat room of the Alton Dynamo area, look in the far back-right corner. It’s past the door you’d normally use to reach the interior.
  • Node #33: Dynamo.Server.Heatshield – Go to the huge server farm room, go to the far back-right corner.
  • Node #??: An inactive node is located in the center of the server room. Currently, no normal Frequency Override key is linked to this node.
  • Node #32: Dynamo.Server.Stairwell – In the same server room. In the center, there’s a raised platform — look under the stairs to the left of the platform.
  • Node #34: Dynamo.Coolant.Ventilation – At the start of the Dynamo area, you’ll reach a fork. To the left, you’ll find the “normal” progression path. To the right is the server farm. Go left and in the first room, turn right. Up above the pipes, there’s a vent cover you can shoot off. Crawl inside to find a very hidden node.
  • Node #35: Dynamo.Control.Door – From the previous node, continuing on down the normal path, go to the second (larger) from the fork. This is where you’ll find the second tower you need to destroy. Just as you enter, look right.
  • Node #36: Dynamo.Observation.Door – Continuing on to the third room from the fork. This is an exterior (or interior, just inside a massive cavern) filled with Cabal enemies. Just as you enter this room, jump onto the wall to the left. There’s a hidden alcove in the cave wall.
  • Node #37: Dynamo.Observation.Valkyrie – In the cavern room with the third tower you need to destroy in the story mission, look in the back-left corner, opposite the door leading into the hallway leading to the core chamber.
  • Node #38: Dynamo.Observation.Core – Enter the hallway leading to the core chamber. In this small hallway, there are two memory fragments and a node. Look above the entrance door.
  • Node #39: Dynamo.Core.Catwalk – In the large core chamber bathed in orange light, look under the center catwalk to find this node.
  • Node #40: Dynamo.Core.Brace – In the same orange core chamber, look on the left catwalks from the entrance. You can’t miss it.

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