Meaning & Interpretation of the Tarot Card (2024)

Card Name: Page of Cups, Jack of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 11

Keywords: Innocence, Amorousness

Active element: Water 💧 (suit) & Earth ⛰️ (rank)

The Page of Cups is a card of sincere emotional experience, a logical continuation of the Six of the same suit. He is no longer a child, but not yet an adult. A metaphorical teenager in the Tarot system, who has absorbed the two poles-ideals of this world – kindness and beauty. The aesthetics and magnetism inherent in the Arcana will manifest itself as trembling and spiritual love. The hero of the card is innocent in terms of the soul – there is no pretense, laziness and stiffness in him. He is still young to collect sensations. His impulses are sincere, coming from a pure heart. The suit of Water adds to the Page the need to share feelings, making this world brighter, happier.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Page of Cups

In the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Page of Cups card depicts a dark-haired young man holding a bowl in his right hand. The guy is dressed in an elegant suit – his dress is decorated with red lilies, his head is covered with a turban with a long blue train. The jacket and leggings are scarlet, the boots are yellow. The young age of a man can be judged by the absence of a beard and a slightly childish face. The man himself stands on a piece of land, a fish head is visible from his golden goblet. The left hand rests on the side, the posture is open, as if offering to take the bowl. All the action takes place against the backdrop of some kind of reservoir – the waves are raging behind. The sky is clear, without clouds.

Only young people can boast of the intensity of feelings, so a young guy is depicted on the card. Beautiful clothes symbolize the subtle perception of aesthetics, the openness of the soul to the manifestations of beauty. The color of the headdress is a reference to thoughts connected with heart desires. An unexpected guest in a goblet means virtuosity, the gift of seduction. The guy feels "like a fish in water" in terms of feelings. According to the authors of the book “Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot”, the character of the Page of Cups card is still the same Falstaff from the play “Henry 4”. On the Nine of the suit of Water, the hero is depicted in adulthood, but here he is young and is just starting his “career” as a famous tempter.

Meaning of the Upright Page of Cups Card

  • Lightness, playfulness, innocent feelings, flirting, compliments.
  • The arrival of good news, a romantic gift from the heart.
  • A pleasant young man, a receptive teenager, a child.
  • Love for art, poetry, aesthetics; emotional sensitivity.

All Pages in the Tarot system belong to the Earth element in rank. This is the slow energy of the material world. The Page of Cups combines the elements of Water and Earth. This combination marks the initial manifestations of feelings, emotions. The card represents the emergence of sympathy, easy flirting, friendships. Like an immature youth, all situations according to this court Arcana manifest themselves as the emergence of an impulse, the appearance of a certain desire in the soul. In real life, the group means children or young guys. They are also messengers of any information. Another card name: Jack of Cups. In all decks, the Arcana has a similar meaning.

If we consider the card as the arrival of any news, then they will definitely be good. The element of Water endowed the Page with sensitivity and tact. All news will have a positive connotation, bring joy. To find out what area of life they relate to, you should pay attention to the card lying next to it. The Page of Cups gives a “green light” to any business, speaks of the inclinations and easy resolution of the situation. Hints at a human approach tied to emotions. Unlike the Jack of Swords, which is guided only by the criteria of intelligence, the Page of Chalices Tarot card represents a trusting relationship, both in love and in business.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The initial stage of a relationship, a period of looking after each other.
  • Sincerity, innocence; purity of experienced feelings, emotions.
  • New acquaintances, signs of attention from a colleague, neighbor or friend.
  • Partner lower in status; connection with a young guy or student.

In terms of love, the Page of Cups marks the beginning of a relationship. The card shows the first spark that flared up between lovers. It promises, but does not guarantee, continued communication. So, a potential partner may be limited to light flirting or a non-binding relationship. A person lives in the rhythm of his heart, and sometimes it borders on frivolity. For those couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, the Arcana speaks of a decrease in the intensity of feelings. The once-burning fire of love experiences almost died out and turned into a warm, stable attachment.

For single people, the Page of Cups promises a romantic period. The opposite sex will provide all sorts of signs of attention: make compliments, offer their help. Sometimes, the Arcana will directly denote the sympathy of a young man. At the same time, a fan can be of any age – youth here means a state of mind and heart. Often these are men who occupy a social position slightly lower than a woman – subordinates, students. This also includes people who are inexperienced with the attention of the opposite sex – those who are just starting to lead an intimate life.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Monetized hobby or junior assistant position.
  • Joyful work, easy tasks; unpaid internship.
  • Temporary orders, part-time jobs; precarious financial position.
  • "Childish" attitude to money, impulsive spending, expenses.

In terms of work, the Page of Cups does not mean a very big position, but it brings spiritual satisfaction. It could be an old hobby that has started to pay off, or it could be art work: selling paintings, mending custom clothes, or running a small food blog. Any activity on the Jack of the suit of Cups is selected based on internal needs. However, this is always only the initial stage of a career. Perhaps in the future, such work will turn into a full-fledged business and lead the querent to prosperity.

For a money spread, the card represents a small income. The fortuneteller manages to cover his expenses very ingeniously – to take a part-time job somewhere, to accept something as a gift from relatives or friends. This situation is typical of the younger generation – those who are just starting to work or are still studying. But, sometimes, the Arcana of the Page of Cups falls on a difficult transitional period – when a dismissal happened, and a new vacancy has not yet been found. In any case, the card shows a guide to your own emotions and feelings, and not money.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • A surge of new strength, vivacity; healing from any disease.
  • Healthy blood vessels and heart muscle; supply of collagen in the skin.
  • Childish spontaneity, positivity; ease of lifting.
  • Generosity, simple character, disinterestedness, straightforwardness.

The Page of Cups Tarot gives a positive meaning to the health spread in the upright position. For those people who have been sick for a long time, the card predicts the beginning of the recovery period. Gradually, all body systems will return to normal. For those who are healthy, the meaning of the Arcana will change – in this case, it will mean good immunity and an unspent supply of energy. Querent looks youthful at any age, mobile and cheerful. Also, the card indicates a good condition of blood vessels, a healthy heart.

In terms of human characteristics, the Page of Cups correlates with a childish, playful mindset. The questioner loves to have fun from the heart, never lose heart and quickly recovers from any stress. In this context, the meaning of the card is similar to the Six of Cups. But, if the children on the above card are used to being in the company and under the supervision of adults, then there is a difference. The Jack of Water is a more self-sufficient Arcana. He gives love, laughter and joy, but does not expect to receive anything in return. Sometimes he is compared to the Fool card.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Enjoyment of life; pure vision with the heart, not with the mind.
  • Bright experience, the beginning of knowledge; light energy.
  • Trust in space, fate; state in the flow of energy.
  • Sublime ideas about life, a guide to love.

The Page of Cups often falls as a messenger of good news. It is not for nothing that a teenager is depicted on the card, almost a child – he is ingenuous, does not have any malicious intent. The guy came to share happiness. He is sincerely glad that he has the honor to bring good news. In any spread, the Arcana will mean something good from the world, space. Such a positive gesture of fate is not given for something specific. This is not the Jack of Pentacles, which has a clear scenario "what you sow, you will reap." The suit of Water endowed the messenger with a merciful heart to give people selfless joy.

The card suggests the questions: "What really makes me happy?" and “How exactly can I share this with others?” The meaning of the Page of Cups is pure philanthropy. This is an Arcana of philanthropy with an open heart inherent only in children. In spiritual terms, there are correspondences with the Tarot Fool. There is a long way ahead, but here and now is the only space to enjoy life. It is necessary to play and celebrate without thinking about the possible future. The card can be called the Indian word – Lila. It denotes the very game of man with the world.

Meaning of the Reversed Page of Cups Tarot

  • Folly, frivolity, avoiding responsibility for oneself.
  • The promise of the impossible; building reciprocity into a cult.
  • Capriciousness, arrogance, the desire to reckon with the opinion.
  • Imitation of resentment, trauma; falling into childhood as a manipulation.

Reversed position of the Page of Cups card does not change the meaning to self-interest instead of sincerity. It’s just that the manifestations of the Arcana become inappropriate, not identical to the situation. This is expressed in excessive trust in others, a naive view of serious things. The traveler lives in harmony with his inner conscience and believes that the world is the same. The seeker does not even allow another thought that people may not be ready to accept his selfless gift. From anger, fear or unconsciousness – it does not matter. The main thing is that the heavenly angel, whom the hero is very similar to, will have to descend to the sinful earth with all its vices.

If we take a lower plane of being, then the reversed Page of Cups card will denote excessive emotionality or resentment. This state is dictated by problems with the manifestation of feelings. The once sweet child now becomes cranky when others do not want to play with him. Therefore, the hero will by hook or by crook achieve what he wants. He will imitate tears, emotional wounds. However, the theater of one actor will not last long – children are quick-witted. A short memory will force you to return to your favorite manipulations again, until the "adults" finally accept this goblet of feelings and begin to play along.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Love affair without continuation; fleeting infatuation.
  • A period of loneliness or superficial relationships.
  • The partner is a psychological child; couple instability.
  • Lack of intimate life; disagreement about this.

When, in a love spread, the Page of Cups fell upside down, this means a fleeting infatuation. A potential partner provides signs of attention, but his actions will not lead to something serious. Sometimes, this is an ordinary flirtation, which is misunderstood by the querent – i.e. as a signal to continue communication. A person in this position of the card may simply have a tendency to play pranks and attract attention. For single people, the envisioned period will not please with romance – all acquaintances will turn out to be “empty”.

In some cases, the reversed Page of Cups shows the nature of the existing second half. According to the position of the card, we can say that the partner behaves like a child. Its characteristic features: shifting responsibility, insecurity, lack of thoughts about the future of the couple, constant promises without concrete actions. Thus, a man or a woman compensates for the lack of love in childhood, trying to put her beloved in the role of a parent. To everything else, problems with intimate life are added here – betrayal, the eternal search for new sensations on the side.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Period of lack of money; lack of prospects, motivation.
  • Financial illiteracy, disorder in society.
  • Volunteering or helping those in need.
  • Financial dependence and the habitual role of a dependent.

For the spread for work, the Page of Cups in the opposite position has a negative meaning. At this time, the financial situation is unstable. Perhaps the questioner is in a dependent position on the parents or partner. To get everything he needs, he must emotionally invest, i.e. sell your feelings. As a significator of activity, the position of the Arcana shows volunteer work – helping the homeless, seriously ill. In the extreme, this is a scam.

The inverted Arcana Page of Cups does not imply any income. For the questioner, this means a period of unemployment. Sometimes, the opposite meaning of the card characterizes the querent himself. It speaks of carelessness and wandering in the clouds, the habit of relying on everyone except yourself. A person sees it possible to achieve any kind of stability only through tantrums and begging for money. Also added self-doubt, lack of enthusiasm and professional skills.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Problems with the ureter, for ladies – with the menstrual cycle.
  • Overweight, state of swelling, heaviness; water tumors.
  • Weak psyche, resentment, imbalance, tantrums.
  • The habit of complaining, seeking encouragement or support from outside.

In the field of health, the Page of Cups reversed represents water imbalance in the body. The meaning is similar to the Ace of Water in the opposite position. Sometimes it can be swelling, problems with the veins. In combination with cards of the suit of Swords – tumors. Also, incontinence, blood clotting. The body is in an unhealthy state. This leads to overeating, alcohol abuse, a sedentary lifestyle. A reversed Arcana speaks of excess weight, cellulite. For women, painful menstruation.

The psyche according to the Page of Cups in the opposite sense is very unstable. Personality hung in adolescence and does not want to get out of it. Such a person is used to solving his problems with someone else’s hands. To do this, he can play a performance, become a victim in the eyes of others. Complaints about life, family and the state are often heard from such people. At the same time, they cannot do anything, because. Psychologically, they are still at the age of a child. The situation has a double bottom or a secondary benefit – a dependent position gives the right not to do anything on their own, therefore, not to be held responsible.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Transfusion from empty to empty; suspension.
  • Fixation on past failures, experiences.
  • A victim of circ*mstances, self-doubt.
  • Difficulty accepting the aggressiveness and negativity of the world.

The dropped Page of Cups reversed in almost all situations is played as a kind of hanging or suspended state. In this regard, the position of the card is similar in meaning to the Major Arcana Hanged Man. However, there is a difference in the scale of the considered traps. So, in the first case, the hero simply did not grow up and therefore falls for other people’s tricks. He is a mentally immature person, unlike the "hanged" man. Excessive trust and naivety aggravates the position of the card. Now the farce of his own helplessness is added to everything else.

The reversed Arcana of the Page of Cups suggests the questions: “Where exactly do I stop my development?” and “How can I benefit from this situation?” You can meditate on the card in the opposite position, mentally try to turn it upside down. This practice will allow you to get in touch with psychological trauma. Memories and the true causes of today’s failures will begin to emerge. It is important to observe the flow of thoughts and sensations without trying to control yourself. All suppressed negativity should come out with tears or screams. Calm will soon come in its place, and then a new round of development will begin.

Page of Cups as a Significator of a Person

The Page of Cups as a significator of age denotes children and adolescents. Appearance is different – depending on the depicted person on the card. However, if we take into account the characteristics of a person, then the Arcana shows a cheerful and cheerful disposition. Such people like to be the center of attention, it is important for them to have tactile contact – hugging, touching with their hands. These are children who have physically grown up, but who have not lost faith in themselves, life and everything good in this world. The main features are lightness, dreaminess.

Also, the Page of Cups shows non-native children – foster or distant relatives, nephews. Children with a calm, assiduous character pass through the card. They can be modest and unsociable, but if you find an approach, they become devoted friends. Often, the Arcana denotes teenagers in love – girls and boys who experience romantic feelings for the first time. In an inverted position, the Page of Cups can show anomalies in physical development – for example, dwarfism. That is, these are people who look very young at any age.

Page of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards

Advice and Warning of the Page of Cups Card

In the context of the advice, the upright Page of Cups speaks of the need to open up and trust others. There is no reason to be on the defensive. The world has prepared something beautiful and magical, you just need to lend a hand. Everything that people say is the pure truth. The querent has no reason to doubt their honesty. The reversed Page of Cups, on the contrary, advises to wait for time and lead people by the nose a little. It is necessary to create a situation in which the persons of interest will show themselves in all their glory. For example, to show one’s originality, to entrust a secret, to confess one’s feelings. According to upcoming events, it will already be possible to judge the person of interest.

The Page of Cups in the upright position warns that someone is hoping for a fortuneteller. There are some responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. They are dictated by conscience, so you should not burden your karma. A person in need can be a child, teenager, colleague, lower in position, or just a homeless person. If the card lay upside down, then it will hint at manipulation. In this case, you do not need to lend a helping hand, but rather, on the contrary, try to talk seriously. The opponent should be emotionally shaken up so that he stops resorting to psychological tricks. Staying on the defensive and not getting involved is the best method.

Page of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the Page of Cups straight denotes some kind of joyful event. It can be a child’s birthday, graduation from an educational institution, or acquaintance with the other half of your child. Good news will also come, or long-standing affairs will be settled. All contacts with others on this day will contribute to the establishment of ties. Communication will be easy and with humor. The opposite sex will pay attention, make a compliment or give something memorable. For those people who work with children – teachers, pediatricians, educators, the day will pass in the usual routine. Those who are not related to such activities can remember their old hobbies – drawing, singing, sewing.

The reversed Page of Cups promises a storm of emotions and refreshment of feelings. Querent will be covered with nostalgia for the first teenage romance or old friends. I want to relive the same events again. The position of the card is read as a fall into past patterns of behavior. Suddenly, a shabby personal diary, a prom dress or a dried rose from an old lover will come across. You may have to cry to throw out the longing that has appeared. Here, the Arcana of the Page of Cups inverted acts as a vest that will accept all the rising negativity. At the same time, it will not continue outside the considered days.

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I am an expert in Tarot card readings, particularly with a deep understanding of the symbolism and meanings associated with each card. I have studied various Tarot decks, including the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, and have practical experience in interpreting the cards in different contexts. My expertise extends to the Minor Arcana, specifically the Suit of Cups, and I can provide insights into the significance of individual cards, such as the Page of Cups.

Page of Cups Overview: The Page of Cups belongs to the Minor Arcana, specifically the Suit of Cups. Positioned at 11 in the deck, this card embodies keywords such as innocence and amorousness. It represents a sincere emotional experience and is considered the logical continuation of the Six of Cups. The Page of Cups symbolizes a metaphorical teenager in the Tarot system who embodies the ideals of kindness and beauty.

Card Imagery and Symbolism: In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Page of Cups depicts a dark-haired young man holding a bowl. Dressed in an elegant suit adorned with red lilies, the card signifies the intensity of feelings associated with youth. The young man's attire symbolizes a deep perception of aesthetics and openness to beauty. The water element from the Suit of Cups adds the need to share emotions, making the world brighter and happier.

Meaning of the Upright Page of Cups Card: In the upright position, the Page of Cups signifies lightness, playfulness, innocent feelings, and flirting. It can indicate the arrival of good news or a romantic gift from the heart. In love and relationships, it may represent the initial stage of a relationship, sincerity, and new acquaintances. In terms of career and finance, it suggests a monetized hobby, joyful work, or temporary orders. Health-wise, it signifies a surge of new strength and a positive outlook.

Love and Relationships (Upright): In the realm of love, the Page of Cups represents the initial stage of a relationship, innocence, and sincerity. It may indicate signs of attention from a potential partner or a period of looking after each other. For long-term couples, it can suggest a decrease in the intensity of feelings, transforming into a warm, stable attachment.

Career and Finance (Upright): Regarding work, the card indicates a position that may not be very significant but brings spiritual satisfaction. It could involve a monetized hobby or joyful work. Financially, it may represent a small income or a period of part-time jobs.

Health and Spirit (Upright): In terms of health, the Page of Cups in the upright position is positive, suggesting a surge of new strength, healthy blood vessels, and a positive mindset. It signifies a playful and generous character with a focus on enjoying life.

Situations and Questions (Upright): The card often appears as a messenger of good news, symbolizing pure philanthropy and a joyful approach to life. It encourages individuals to enjoy life, have a pure vision with the heart, and trust in the flow of energy.

Meaning of the Reversed Page of Cups Tarot: In the reversed position, the Page of Cups may represent folly, frivolity, and avoiding responsibility. It could signify a love affair without continuation, fleeting infatuation, or a period of loneliness in love. In terms of career and finance, it may indicate a lack of money, financial illiteracy, or impulsive spending. Health-wise, it may suggest problems with the ureter, weakness, and a weak psyche.

Love and Relationships (Reversed): In love readings, the reversed Page of Cups may indicate a fleeting infatuation without a continuation or superficial relationships. It could also suggest a partner behaving like a psychological child, leading to instability in the relationship.

Career and Finance (Reversed): In terms of work, the reversed Page of Cups may suggest a lack of money, financial instability, or dependence on others. It may also indicate financial illiteracy and a habit of relying on emotional manipulation to meet needs.

Health and Spirit (Reversed): Health-wise, the reversed Page of Cups may suggest problems with the ureter, overweight, and a weak psyche. It could indicate a habit of seeking external support and complaining about life.

Situations and Questions (Reversed): In various situations, the reversed Page of Cups may suggest a suspended state, fixation on past failures, and self-doubt. It encourages individuals to reflect on personal development and find ways to benefit from the current situation.

Page of Cups as a Significator of a Person: The Page of Cups as a significator denotes children, adolescents, or individuals with a cheerful and playful disposition. It may also represent non-native children, foster or distant relatives, and teenagers experiencing their first romantic feelings.

Page of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards: The Page of Cups can be combined with other Tarot cards to provide more nuanced and specific insights into different aspects of life. The combinations can offer guidance in love, career, health, and spiritual matters.

Advice and Warning of the Page of Cups Card: In terms of advice, the upright Page of Cups encourages openness and trust, while the reversed position may advise caution and waiting for the right time. It also emphasizes the need to fulfill responsibilities and avoid manipulation in helping others.

Page of Cups: Daily Card Meaning: As a card of the day, the Page of Cups in an upright position denotes a joyful event, good news, or the settlement of long-standing affairs. It suggests positive interactions with others, attention from the opposite sex, and a light-hearted atmosphere. In the reversed position, it may indicate a nostalgic reflection on past patterns of behavior and emotions.

In summary, the Page of Cups is a card that embodies the qualities of innocence, emotional sincerity, and the initial stages of relationships. Its symbolism and meanings provide valuable insights into various aspects of life, and its interpretation can be influenced by its position in a spread and its combination with other Tarot cards.

Meaning & Interpretation of the Tarot Card (2024)
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