Pennywise VS The Babadook: Who Would Win? (2024)

Modern horror has given the world some unique and interesting characters, including Michael Myers, Annabelle the Doll, and Freddie Kruger. However, some of the most popular horror characters of recent years are the Babadook and Pennywise. The former, first appearing in TheBabadookfrom 2014, showed a creature preying on a single mother and her son.

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From the mind of Stephen King (and the novel IT), Pennywise the Clown is an evil, cosmic monster that spent most of its time in Derry, Maine. Here, the creature would awake every 27 years to feed on nearby children. Both creatures are powerful in their own right, but which would come out on top in a fight?

Pennywise: Influence On Others

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The fact that Pennywise is able to transform into a whole host of terrifying creatures is already intimidating enough, but this is only the beginning of this cosmic being’s power. Famously, Pennywise is also capable of influencing those around him.

IT is capable of doing this through more overt means, in the case of Henry Bowers, but also in the case of the town of Derry, where Pennywise had people acting in strange ways.

Babadook: How Dangerous Is The Babadook?

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The Babadook has only appeared in one movie so far and not a lot was revealed about the powers that he holds. It is certainly possible that the creature is as ancient as Pennywise and may even be just as powerful, with Babadook possessing similar hallucinatory abilities.

Perhaps the Babadook possesses more strength than he showed in the movie. This mystery surrounding the character certainly leaves open the possibility that his power far exceed that which was shown in the movie.

Pennywise: Deadlights

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Pennywise is one of the most dangerous characters in all of fiction. This isn’t only because the c being is capable of transforming into a myriad of different creatures, but also because he has something known as the ‘Deadlights’.

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These Deadlights render anyone who sees them unable to move, transfixed on the lights. If these lights work on the Babadook, then it surely wouldn’t be around for too much longer.

Babadook: Pennywise Got Beat By Kids

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Pennywise is certainly one of the scariest creatures in horror fiction. Not only is the creature a powerful, almost divine being, but IT is also capable of altering its shape in order to scare those that IT is hunting.

That being said, despite holding all of these incredible powers, Pennywise was beaten up by a group of children. If the creature is this weak, surely the Babadook would stand a good chance against Pennywise.

Pennywise: Hallucinations

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While Pennywise’s ability to change form and size will always be his most obvious and powerful ability, his power to control what his opponents and prey sees is another important weapon in this creature’s arsenal.

Pennywise is capable of making people relieve their most horrifying memories, as well as making them see threats that aren’t there. This is a huge advantage for Pennywise in any fight.

Babadook: Predator Behaviour

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Babadook is shown to be an intelligent and crafty creature. It is a patient hunter, one that is more than willing to carefully break its victims down before revealing itself fully and launching a more physical attack.

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Pennywise, on the other hand, is driven by hunger. This could be a downfall for the creature, regardless of how powerful he may actually turn out to be.

Pennywise: Shapeshifting

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Naturally, Pennywise’s most obvious advantage is his ability to transform into a variety of different creatures, each allowing Pennywise to strike fear into the particular individual that he happens to be hunting.

In addition to striking fear into the hearts of others with his shifting shapes, Pennywise is also able to gain a more tactical advantage depending on what he turns into. For instance, if he turns into a dragon, this will give him the abilities and size of that dragon.

Babadook: Can’t Get Rid Of The Babadook

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One of the most memorable lines from theBabadook book is that ‘you can’t get rid of the Babadook.’ This is even reiterated at the end of the film, with the creature still living in the basem*nt despite its apparent defeat.

It stands to reason that even if Babadook is ‘defeated’ he won’t go away. Consequently, Pennywise would have to constantly keep an eye on the Babadook to prevent him returning to full strength.

Pennywise: Cosmic Power

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Pennywise is an ancient creature that has been hunting and eating planets for millennia. Fairly recently, the creature arrived in Derry, Maine and has been living there ever since, waking ever 27 years to devour some human children.

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This cosmic history doesn’t only signify the huge power levels that IT possesses, but also shows that IT has vast levels of experience and knowledge of the universe.

Babadook: Mental Torture

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At its heart,The Babadook is a psychological horror movie that is more focused on the mental journey that both Amelia and Samuel go through during the film, showing the pair overcoming the trauma they suffered after the death of Amelia’s husband.

TheITfilms did show that Pennywise was capable of being attacked mentally, so perhaps Babadook would be able to wear Pennywise down as the grown-up Losers Club did in the finalIT film.

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