Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts, fitness secrets of Hollywood’s hottest celebs in their 50s (2024)

Nov 11, 2022


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly one of the fittest actors in Hollywood, even at the age of 53. She is into cardio, does strength training exercises and swears by yoga.


Julia Roberts

Reportedly, Julia Roberts trains four times a week for an hour. She indulges in yoga, plyometrics and water-based exercises.


Padma Lakshmi

The 52-year-old Indian-origin author, activist, model, and television host is extremely fit. Reportedly, she workouts out regularly in the gym and does exercises such as cardio, yoga, rope jumping, push-ups or sit ups.


Brooke Shields

At 57, Brooke Shields still looks ageless. All thanks to the variety of exercises she engages in. From cardio circuit training, to lifting weights, she champions it all.


Jennifer Lopez

The 53-year-old loves doing HIIT workout, which includes planks, exercises with a stability ball, weight training and more!


Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is not into regulated exercises, but she is physically very active. “On the weekends I go for long hikes with my dogs,” the actress told The Cut. She also reveals she loves stretching.


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Salma Hayek

In an interview with People, Salma Hayek says that her secret to fitness is restorative yoga. She talks about how a woman in London taught her how to activate the muscles throughout the day. "She taught me to tone my muscles without clenching them. You relax them and focus on the parts that need to be used, but never with tension. If you’re aware of your body, you’d be surprised by the effect it can have," she said.


Naomi Watts

54-year-old Naomi Watts works out three to five times per week, reportedly. She attends fitness classes, yoga, and personal-training sessions.


Sarah Jessica Parker

The fashion icon is still one of the fittest in the Hollywood industry. She does regular running, Pilates and yoga workouts to stay in shape.


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Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts, fitness secrets of Hollywood’s hottest celebs in their 50s (2024)
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