6 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Round Faces, According to Stylists (2024)

These ultra-cute hairstyles for round faces offer face-framing features that will complement your natural shape.


Casey Clark

6 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Round Faces, According to Stylists (1)

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Updated on June 19, 2023

Envious of the latest "it" haircut? Whether it's an angled bob, layered shag, or cropped pixie, think before reaching for those scissors or scheduling an appointment with your stylist.

he foundation to a great look is to find a suitable hairstyle that flatters your natural features, and your unique face shape. And if you have a round face, there are lots of options.

So, how can you tell if you have a round face shape? According to the Paul Mitchell School, a round face is widest at the cheeks and has softer angles. Famous celebrities with round faces include: Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, Drew Barrymore, and Emma Stone. All of these actresses have different hair textures and colors but have cuts that compliment their round faces.

Here are six round face friendly hairstyles to consider before your next trip to the salon, according to the experts.

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Blunt Cut

A blunt cut leaves a clean, straight finish at the ends because the hair is cut the same length all the way around. This hairstyle is ideal for those looking to elongate their features. Lacy Gadegaard, founder of , recommends it for those with a naturally round face.

"Any kind of lob or blunt cut can help bring asymmetry to your face, giving it an appearance of a more defined chin and jaw," she says. "If you wish to elongate your face and draw attention to your chin, try having it cut just below your chin."

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Bangs can completely transform any hairstyle. This rings especially true for those with round faces. "Bangs can draw attention away from the jawline, which is the widest part of the face," says Shelly Aguirre, hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, Ill.

They can also highlight some of your best facial features by showing off your eyes and cheekbones. Just keep in mind that they do require some upkeep with frequent trims and styling for desired volume.

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Shaggy Medium Length

Classic layers can keep your hair looking on-trend and stylish, while also flattering the soft angles of round faces. "A medium-length, shaggy hair style accented with side bangs that hit at the cheekbones is a great look for a round face," says Nunzio Saviano, hairstylist and owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon. "The layers give volume at the crown and the height on top of the head works to balance out facial features and give it an elongated look."

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Deep Side Part

A deep side part may be better than a middle part for those with round faces because it can add more volume. It's the easiest way to change your style without getting an actual cut.

To create a deep side part, align your part with the outmost corner of your eye, using a fine-toothed comb to get the line straight. For a less dramatic side part, line up your part to your pupil.

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Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are great for narrowing out round face shapes, according to Shab Reslan, hairstylist and host of the Hair Like Her podcast. "[These] can be left out around the face when their hair is pulled back into a ponytail or bun."

Another plus: This hairstyle can work for any hair length. "We're not trying to hide the round, but frame the round so people can be happy and look good at whatever form of roundness their faces may take," says Darrius Peace, hairstylist and teacher at The Hayah Beauty Style Network. "Anything that creates fringing or layering around the face will achieve that."

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Pixie Cut

"The infamous Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut is a perfect cut for those with round faces because of the striking contrast it creates," says celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons. "Short layers around the crown and longer edges soften facial angles, and added texture at the top creates volume for those with finer hair." To add dimension, Fitzsimons suggests applying a styling cream, which can provide long-lasting hold and tame unruly ends on a pixie cut.

Just be sure you are ready for a major commitment. It's a huge, time consuming process to regrow your hair.

As you can see, there are lots of hairstyle options for those with round faces. But what is the most attractive aspect of any cut? Confidence. So, sport your new do' with pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I cut my hair short if I have a round face?

    Short hair looks good on all face types. What's important is the type of cut. If you want a short haircut and have a round face shape, consider a pixie cut or a short, blunt-cut bob.

  • What kind of haircuts should I avoid if I have a round face?

    Any style that is cut to one length could accentuate a round face shape. Layers are the key to softening and framing the shape of your face. They help to elongate the face rather than make it appear wider.

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6 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Round Faces, According to Stylists (2024)
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