48 Haircuts That Will Make Thin Hair Look Fuller (2024)

The appearance ofthin haircan change dramatically under the power of the humble scissor — and a trusted cutting hand, of course. Done correctly, the best haircuts for thin hair can take fine strands and create the illusion of cool, woke-up-like-this volume without extensions.

If you're someone who has thin hair, rest assured it's not uncommon: "There are so many more celebrities and models out there with thin hair than we realize," saysLisa Weller, hairstylist and owner ofTwirl Salonin San Antonio. Yes, friends, in this case, the stars reallyarejust like us. And just as they can fake a fuller head of hair with the magic of shears and razors, so can you — even if you're not working with an A-list bank account.

A quick note of caution: If you notice your hair becoming thinner, it could be a result of many factors including heredity, changes in your diet, even aging, to name a few. Be sure to check with a doctor to get to the bottom of noticeable changesbeforebooking your hair appointment.

Then, hit the salon. The first step to faking extra volume starts with the right cut, and the options that follow span a variety of lengths. Here, we chat with the pros about how to get it just right.

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48 Haircuts That Will Make Thin Hair Look Fuller (2024)
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