12 Celebs Who Revealed How Many People They've Slept With (2024)

12 Celebs Who Revealed How Many People They've Slept With (1)


"There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with"

What happens in the bedroom usually stays in the bedroom -- but for a select group of celebrities, they don't mind sharing what goes down between the sheets! While some stars choose to stay tight-lipped about their romances, these celebs have decided to tell all about their sex lives.

Find out what these stars shared about their sex life…

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1. Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge's role in "American Pie" earned her more than just a fan base -- it also had a lot of benefits for her sex life. In the flick, Jennifer played Steve Stifler's mom who infamously had a sexual encounter with one of her son's classmates and, in turn, she got a lot of "action" off screen. Jennifer estimates she slept with 200 people after the movie wrapped.

"I got a lot of play at being a MILF and I got a lot of sexual action from 'American Pie.' There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with," she told Variety.

2. Charlie Sheen

Back in 2000, Charlie Sheen chatted with Maxim about his sex life, revealing that he had slept with everyone from p*rn stars to the everyday girl next door. Reflecting on how many women he had been with, Charlie estimated it was in the thousands.

"If you want me to take a wild guess, I'll say 5,000," Charlie reportedly said at the time.

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3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has had quite a few high profile romances throughout her career but she says that she's only been with a handful of people. In fact, the musician says there have only been five people in total that she's slept with.

"I haven't had that many, but there has been a variety pack. I've only been with five people in my life, so I'm kind of a prude, honestly, compared to most others in the field," Mariah told Cosmopolitan.

4. Hugh Hefner

Before Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's passing, he said he wasn't quite sure how many women he had slept with but he guessed that it was somewhere over a thousand.

"How could I possibly know? Over a thousand, I'm sure. There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn't married. You have to keep your hand in," he told Esquire.

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5. Gene Simmons

At the height of Gene Simmons' fame, he says he slept with thousands of women -- and has photographic evidence to prove it. Gene explained that he snapped Polaroid photos with almost all of his partners through the years. He later ended up burning most of the pictures before he married his wife Shannon Tweed.

"I didn't do drugs in the crazy times but I did do sex. Did I sleep with 4,800 women? So they tell me. I did have the Polaroids to prove it, oh yes," Gene told The Sun.

6. Amy Schumer

In Amy Schumer's memoir "The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo," she revealed that she had slept with 28 people throughout her life, although she didn't quite remember everything about each person.

"To date, I've slept with twenty-eight people. I can't remember all of their names, but I remember the nicknames I gave them," Amy wrote, joking that she called some of them "Third Ball" and "Pit Bull Guy."

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7. Dennis Rodman

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman once estimated in an interview with StarTribune that he had been with over 2,000 "girls" during his career. On top of that, he said that "probably 500" of them were gold diggers or worse.

8. Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom shared in his memoir, "Darkness to Light," that he had slept with over 2,000 women throughout his life, many of which were "one-night stands" and included "too many strippers to count." He added that he would "often" leave $2,000 on the nightstand in the morning after a hookup.

"I've had sex with more than two thousand women…Most of my sex had been unprotected, and I've paid for plenty of abortions over the years. I'm not proud of it. It's the law and legal, but I don't feel proud about it at all. I am a sex addict," Lamar wrote.

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9. Vinny Guadagnino

"Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino once shared that during his wild days, he had "probably" slept with over 500 people and the number "could be" as high as 1,000. While a lot of his hookups had been documented on reality TV, he admitted that thinking about it made him feel gross.

"I feel disgusting right now. It's been 10 years, I've had a good time!" Vinny said on the "Boomer and Gio" show.

10. Wilt Chamberlain

Before his passing, basketball Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain claimed that he had slept with 20,000 women during his career. In his book "A View from Above," which was published when he was 55, he says that number meant he had slept with at least one woman every day for the majority of his life.

"Yes, that's correct, 20,000 different ladies. At my age, that equals out to having sex with 1.2 women a day, every day since I was 15 years old," he wrote.

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11. Ric Flair

In 2017, former WWE and WCW champion Ric Flair revealed during ESPN's "30 for 30" documentary that he had slept with 10,000 women. He shared that those women had all come before his now-wife Wendy Barlow, whom he married in 2018. Looking back on his decision to broadcast his sexual partners to the world, he says he wishes he had kept it to himself.

"What I said was the truth, but I feel bad now that I said some of it. Ten thousand women. I wish I hadn't said that because of my grandkids," Ric told People.

12. John Oates

Hall & Oates singer John Oates says that before he tied the knot with his wife Aimee in 1994, he believes he probably slept with thousands of women. He went on to explain that it was much easier at that time to have relationships with multiple women because there were no cell phones or the internet.

"I'm sure it was thousands…I've lost track. If you didn't live through the '70s and '80s, if you weren’t a rockstar during that time, there's no way you can comprehend what it was like. There were no cell phones and people taking pictures of everything you did. It was much more innocent. There was no social media. I used to meet girls in various towns and sort of have a relationship. I might see them and then see them six months later," John said.

12 Celebs Who Revealed How Many People They've Slept With (2024)
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